The leading director, creator and owner Bella, has had a long vision for her brand and has worked extremely hard to bring her brand's vision to life. Her passion, dedication and motivation for Harpa'h Apparel, comes from her love of fashion and her creative ability to design and style. Her personal life journey is a reflection of her brand and its purpose. 

Having worked as a successful hair stylist and running her own salon for over 15 years, Bella also dedicated every spare minute behind the scenes developing her brand, Harpa’h Apparel, meaning 'The Loved One'. Bella's only dream was to create an Australian label that offers high quality timeless pieces, to inspire women to feel confident and classy, whist offering premium fabrics at affordable prices.

What sets us apart is that we set boundaries with our volume of pieces produced! We have all our products manufactured and monitored with set quantities of each pieces for each style. This allows our product releases to be exclusive, and allows the manufacturing process to be quality assured and managed throughout the entire production process.

When you purchase our clothing and accessories, you are not only receiving premium pieces, but you are supporting our brand's purpose. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail we have taken with our designs and production. With the proper aftercare for your purchases, your items will take you through a beautiful lifetime.
We hope you enjoy all your pieces just as much as we did creating them!